Daisuke Fujii

  1. Background

    2007: Soka University of America (B.A. in Economics and Mathematics)

    2009: Harvard University (M.A. in Statistics)

    2014: University of Chicago (Ph.D. in Economics)

    2014-2017: Post-doctoral fellow @ University of Southern California

    2017-2018: Lecturer @ University of California, Los Angeles

    2018-: Project assistant professor @ University of Tokyo

  2. Areas of expertise

    International trade, macroeconomics, firm network

Taisuke Nakata

  1. Background

    2003: University of Chicago (B.A. in Economics)

    2003-2007: Assistant Economist @ Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

    2012: New York University (Ph.D. in Economics)

    2012-2020: Economist, Senior Economist, Principal Economist @ Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

    2020-: Associate Professor (with tenure) @ University of Tokyo

  2. Areas of expertise

    Monetary policy (in particular, the implication of the effective lower bound constraint on nominal interest rates for monetary policy), fiscal policy, applied time-series analysis, Bayesian estimation.

    Taisuke’s research on monetary policy has been frequently cited by foreign media (such as Bloomberg, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal) and by FOMC participants in public speeches. Please visit his research page for more information: https://sites.google.com/site/taisukenakata/

  3. Policy experience

    Monetary policy: Development of macroeconomic models for policy analysis, analysis related to monetary policy frameworks and strategies in the era of low neutral interest rates, model-bases analysis of risks and uncertainty in the U.S. economy, etc.

    Covid-19 and economy; Weekly update on the outlook since January 2021 at https://covid19outputjapan.github.io/JP, Briefing on the outlook of Covid-19 and the economy (Ministry of Heath, Labour and Welfare’s “Advisory Board” on Covid-19 [March 31, June 2, June 16, June 30], Prime Minister Suga [May 9 and June 20], Council of Ministers [June 30]), Briefing on the implications of the Tokyo Olympics on Covid-19 (“Panel of Experts” for the JOC [June 2, June 16])

  4. Key research contribution

    Expectations-Driven Liquidity Traps: Implications for Fiscal and Monetary Policy [with Sebastian Schmidt] (forthcoming: American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics)

    Conservatism and Liquidity Traps [with Sebastian Schmidt] (2019: Journal of Monetary Economics)

    Reputation and Liquidity Traps (2018: Review of Economic Dynamics)

    Uncertainty at the Zero Lower Bound (2017: American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics)